from dream to reality

Passion for colour

Through my own journey through life I have experienced difficulties: having to learn to walk again from a horse riding accident, abusive relationships, bereavements, and Fibromyalgia. However my determination to work through and overcome these hurdles, has always been supported by my love of colour and textiles.

Due to my own experiences I found myself with the desire to share my love and passion for colour and textiles.

I began to research and explore possibilities of textures and textiles, colours, hues and shades. This dream and passion has now led me to be able to share this developing creation of The Textile Treasury.



Something for everyone

The Children's treasury

It is important to me having a background with working with children as a nursery nurse, hospital play specialist and primary school teacher -  to have things they will enjoy too. I have therefore also created The Children's Treasury.

Why not take a look - I hope you like it.




I am a Homeopath, Medium and Spiritual Counsellor. I also have a keen interest in colour and have previously created a form of therapy called Chromagnatherapy. This is a combination of colour, Reiki and magnets and  includes the textural and therapeutic benefit of silk and velvet. Subsequently bathing my clients in colour and the benefits of the textile aesthetics.

Where it all began